Rigid Signs

Rigid Signs

  • Available in 3 standard sizes PLUS 22" x 28" to fit the A Frame Sign Holder
  • If purchasing 22" x 28" for the A Frame Sign Holder, be sure to order 2 if you want your message visible from both sides
  • Plastic substrate for indoor or outdoor use, foam board for indoor use (not weather resistant)
  • If using T Stake Sign Stand, order 1-side printing
  • IMPORTANT for T Stake Sign Stand installations: holes are required in the sign, please see T Stake Sign Stand product page for specifics
  • Printing may go to the edge of the sign (art must extend 1/4" beyond each edge)
  • Please refer to File Specifications and Templates for artwork positioning before building your file

The A Frame Sign Holder accommodates two 22" x 28" signs, one on each side. Standard sizes pair with the H Stake Sign Stand and T Stake Sign Stand. To order rigid sign stands and other hardware items or to view hardware descriptions visit Hardware.

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Need help with specs and layout? Download and use our templates below to get you started. We provide the correct canvas. You provide the inspiration. Please read File Specifications before building your file.

Download Templates

  1. Download the correct size template for your needs
  2. Create your design
  3. Generate a PDF: use our job options or PDF/X-1a:2001
  4. Place your order and upload your file
Rigid Signs 22" x 28"
Rigid Signs 22" x 24"
Rigid Signs 24" x 48"
Rigid Signs 48" x 48"
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